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Nowadays, the competition between companies has become more and more visible and the only successful key answer is the quality assurance in order to stand out from the crowd, become noticeable and trustworthy. Aiming high means exceeding the performance day after day. Fortunately, thanks to our extremely motivated team we have always managed to reach this goal and to even go beyond it.

Throughout time, LogiStream has managed to obtain high performances due to the fact that a correlation between business success and the quality system has always been taken into account. Working in the transport and logistics industry means you must deliver a quality service on time, all the time. Thus, improving the quality of our services, increasing business efficiency and minimize the environmental impact, has proven to be a productive approach to gain a competitive advantage and win tenders.


Therefore, for our company the application of the 8 modern TQM principles represents our main focus. It implies a continuous quality improvement of services, mainly from the point of view of our clients, that is the reason why we are doing things right not only the first time, but also over and over again.


  1. Customer Focus

LogiStream treats every shipment as unique because the customers’ needs become ours and they are the ones that determine our level of quality. Training employees and improving our services represents our main effort that contributes to the continuous improvement of quality and services. Even during the present global pandemic, we have been struggling and committed our extensive efforts to assure the same level of quality management, but with a different approach. According to our customers’ requirements, we have been organizing trainings joined not only by our employees, but also by our drivers. The safety of people and of our customers’ shipments are paramount for us, so we managed to provide our staff with the basic knowledges and rules regarding prevention, health and safety at work. Customized kits with protection masks, safety gloves and glasses, as well as sanitizers and disinfectants have been provided to all employees, including our drivers.


  1. Leadership

The effectiveness of leadership also determines the quality level because the core company with headquarters in Sibiu, Romania acts as a leader for the other branches so as to consider adequately the need and expectations of the other staff members, establishing a mutual target, striving jointly to achieve the highest goals.


  1. Involvement of People

Employee involvement in the development of services of a company largely determines the quality level. This is why, we are permanently supporting our employees in becoming involved in our own development of quality and services by making them aware of the fact that it is also their role and responsibility to deal with the daily tasks masterly, but also enthusiastically and creatively.


  1. Process Management

The focus on modern quality view helps us develop our traditional quality view, too. The modern management systems help us introduce special procedures and processes to improve the quality of our services, increase business efficiency and minimize the environmental impact. Consequently, we have successfully managed to obtain our ISO Certificates so as to give you complete assurance that our services comply with the relevant and environmental standards and to demonstrate you that safety, performance and quality are important for us. In this sense, our work processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


  1. System Management

We perceive the quality management system as a whole, therefore the coordination, communication and teamwork between each and every branch of the LogiStream Group are of foremost importance for us. Starting from the placement of your order and going further to the tracking of your shipment, prompt loading and delivery and finally ending with the invoicing process, we realize that each one of these processes represents a mutual target that must be accomplished applying quality standards and optimal operation services.


  1. Continual Improvement

We are doing our best to improve the quality of our services continually because we perceive this as an ongoing process, involving implementation, maintenance and improvement. For this to be accomplished, we are making sure that we comply with the international quality standards by frequently receiving quality control visits to detect the deviations from the requirements and to be able to correct them in due time. Communication is part of our development, not only between our employees and customers, but also between employees, leaders, carriers and drivers. Using the right equipment and developing our own software are also of extreme importance for us among other things such as modern devices, cloud storage of sensitive data, functionality testing, performance testing and security measures.


  1. Strategic and systematic approach

Our strategic plans are updated almost daily because progress is part of a successful business. Our workflows processes and strategic plans, help us embrace the integration and quality development as well as the development of services within the entire LogiStream Group.


  1. Mutually beneficial relationships

Working together with our customers and carriers in order to ensure the highest quality possible is the leading key to achieving the highest quality standards. Through communication, meetings, reports, statistics, questionnaires and social media, we ensure a permanent and direct contact with our customers and carriers in order to collaborate and exchange ideas to increase the quality of our transport services. We understand that we are mutually dependent and the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship can improve the ability of creating value for every single party.


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