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Founded in 2007, the logistics company, Logistream International, specialises in direct and customised transports, Europe-wide time-critical procurement and outbound logistics, express overnight transports and customs clearance import/export services for countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Norway or Switzerland.

Besides our 120 exclusive contractual partners whose vehicles drive only on behalf of our company, we have invested into our own fleet in order to be ready to meet the needs of any company.  Due to our customers  frequent demands, we have been focusing on the development of our own fleet which consists now of over 80 vehicles, from vans to semi-trailer trucks, daily available for you. Also, it is noteworthy to emphasize here the wide variety of vehicle availability owing to to approx. 710 ,,ad-hoc” partner companies with whom we work through a self-contained network (no freight exchange !) on the basis of a regular cooperation.

What is more, for our contract customers we can offer operational options in the cross docking process and also distribution solutions through external partners in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Also, we offer warehouse solutions in Italy (Verona, Milan) and Spain (Barcelona).


Quality assurance and environmental behavior are of utmost importance for our company. Hence, we have successfully managed to obtain our ISO Certificates so as to give you complete assurance that our services comply with the relevant and environmental standards and to demonstrate you that safety, performance and quality are important for us. In this sense, our work processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 so as to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and to enhance our customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Moreover, the environmental management system that we use to enhance our environmental performance is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 which is used to manage our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability. Also, our brand name is certified in Europe and protected by copyright. Recently, we have initiated the necessary procedures in order to improve our portfolio of international certificates.

Furthermore, Logistream has managed to establish its own set of leitmotifs which briefly describe not only our philosophy and services, but also our way of acting in the field of transports.

  • 24/7/365 – Availability and a solution-oriented team always at your disposal
  • Real time GPS-Tracking / Tracking App / “Check calls” every 2 hours
  • No loading of “third-party goods” or unnecessary transshipments to increase profits
  • No vehicles (private fleet / exclusive partners) in use that are older than 4 years
  • Emergency concepts in the event of vehicle breakdown so as not to fail in achieving the established goals
  • “Prompt Loading In Order To Arrive On Time At The Unloading Point“


Our logistics experts have been chosen for their self-improvement desire and for their passion in becoming better and better every day.

Their academic and professional background as well as the training courses and the exchange experiences we have offered them, have all contributed to our employees’ open-mindedness and their capability to think outside the box and never give up until they come up with the best solution.

Multiculturalism is also one of Logistream’s key concepts. We have a diverse workforce and we are committed to providing each and every member of our staff with equal opportunities as far as the professional development is concerned. Additionally, the rich diversity of our team has always proven to be of utmost importance as regards the direct contact with our customers, and not only.  We speak your language no matter the branch you wish to contact.

All of us are governed by the same goal and that is to surpass both ourselves and the services we provide for our customers.


Logistream is an International Group whose purpose is governed by permanent development.

  • Headquarters: 110 Alba-Iulia Street, 550052 – Sibiu, Romania.
  • Bulgarian Branch: 10 Evstati Vinarov Street, 7000 – Ruse.
  • German Branch: 8 Brixener Street, 86165 – Augsburg.
  • German Branch: 17 Hoher Holzweg, 30966 – Hemmingen.


Logistic Business is a global supplier of transport solutions

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Transport quality and safety to enhance your business

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We offer customer-oriented logistic solutions

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