"We breathe through our customers,
think with our employees and we are
always on the move with our carriers."

Your cargo is safe with us either by road,
sea, rail or air transport.


Transport logistics, storage and handling
facilities, own fleet and personal price
quotations system.

What makes us your best choice?

Your request is our commitment. As our motto states, we are perfectly aware of the fact that we exist only together. Your concern becomes ours. With the help of both our employees, our own fleet and our exclusive carriers, we engage in doing our best to meet your requests. Your problem becomes ours. We understand the pressure you are under and this is why we are permanently developing not only our distribution network, but also our quality and environmental standards.


Wide-Range of Services

We want you to know that the services we provide represent our core competencies. A general overview of our services includes: standard international transports, volume transports, express transports, project logistics, on-board courier/air charter and temperature controlled shipments. Throughout the years, we have been developing our services, facilities and competencies: Europe-wide time-critical transports, express overnight services, customs clearance import/export services, over 80 vehicles of our own (from vans to semi-trailer trucks, daily available for you), almost 120 permanent exclusive partners, real-time GPS & Tracking, daily regular truck routes from Germany to Italy, Spain, Great Britain and back again (round trips), distribution throughout Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Eastern EU and the Balkans, special structures for machinery transport, megaliner, volume transport and frigo vehicles, operational options in the cross docking process, distribution solutions, own HUBs in Germany (Augsburg area), Romania (Timisoara, Suceava, Sibiu, Bucharest and Deva), nationwide distribution solutions through external partners in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Eastern EU and the Balkans, warehouse solutions in Italy (Verona, Milan) and Spain (Barcelona), international language speakers and 24/7 availability.


Our Objectives

Our company has always had well-defined objectives. The company’s foremost objective is our customers’ satisfaction and we are aware of the fact that this is possible only if you offer us the chance to  prove it to you. What is more, quality assurance and environmental behaviour are on the top of our objectives list. In this regard, we have successfully managed to obtain the Dekra Certificates so as to give you complete assurance that our services comply with the relevant and environmental standards and to demonstrate you that safety, performance and quality are important for us. Also, our brand name is certified in Europe and protected by copyright. Recently,we have initiated the necessary procedures in order to improve our portfolio of international certificates.


Our Team and our Values

We want you to know that each and every effort we make is a team based one. Our staff is carefully chosen because only qualified and motivated people provide appropriate services. Hence, we have been promoting values such as responsability and seriousness among our team and we expect top performance and dedication in return. High-quality services can be achieved by a well-functioning team who is able to represent the goals of the company. In this regard, we encourage mutual respect, responsability, self-confidence and open-mindedness.

Our Mission

Logistream has been developing its image since the day it was founded. Our company defines itself as a strategic partner for its clients, our mission being to provide you with the fastest, safest, the most cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions.

Time-critical transport operations and adapted industry solutions are key-words that must be added to the definition of our company. We can offer you solutions for every level of the supply chain, from the shipping of small components or fragile parts, to arranging dedicated solutions to support large volume and weight, no matter the geography, distance or mode of transport.

In order to keep you operational, we understand that time is a true enemy in this field. Therefore, we have been developing our own software in order to be able to come up with fast, secure and reliable responses, as urgently as possible. Furthermore, our real-time GPS & Tracking system has been a key concept as far as the transparency and dynamics of our services are concerned.


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